Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 23 - Baby Kicks!

You're probably wondering why I posted a "Week 19" blog a couple of days ago and now I'm in Week 23. Here's the thing: I had posted the Week 19 on another website weeks ago, but it was such a pain (you had to give people a password and stuff to read it) that I just re-posted it here. So in reality... Week 23 is here!

How do I feel? Hmm... hard to describe really. My baby is moving like crazy most of the time (although he is calm now... as he should be after kicking up a storm yesterday!). His movements are not painful, they are not annoying either, but they are strange. If you've been pregnant before you'll know what I mean. Picture this: you're lying on your side watching a movie or something and all of a sudden you feel light punches, kicks and movement coming from inside your body. You know it's not your organs moving in there, it is a whole other person. That's when it really dawns on you: it is really not only you inhabiting this body, you share it with a tiny living person. And in my case, the person sharing my body is not even my same sex! Talk about a life changing experience!

Other changes: I now, officially, cannot hide the fact that I'm pregnant. In fact, I kinda look like an egg! LOL! One night I went to sleep looking pretty much normal and I woke up with a bigger tummy! And not only that, I now weight 4 lbs more than I did before becoming pregnant. My doctor (and everyone else, really) tells me that 4lbs is a very insignificant weight gain at 23 weeks, especially since my baby weights 1 lbs himself, without counting the placenta and the amniotic liquid. I understand this, but I've had weight problems all my life so gaining weight for me is never a good thing. My husband has been a tremendous help in getting me to understand that I will gain weight no matter what because the baby will continue to grow. I'm starting to get it through my thick skull but don't worry: I'm eating healthy and as often as I should so that the baby gets all the nutrients he need! He is my priority!

Another funny change: my baby doesn't really dig loud music or sounds. I thought maybe I was being a little bit hormonal but on the last parties I've attended, the loud music kind of upsets me and my baby starts kicking even more than usual. I usually ask for the music to be lowered down just a tad or I simply leave early (I'm not much of a party person anyway) and when I'm back in a calm and quiet environment, my baby becomes calmer as well. He likes certain music from what I can tell, and he gets calm when I sing to him, but loud music and sounds... not so much. 

Oops, there's a kick! LOL! I wish I could see what he was doing right now!

Time to lie down a bit, I have to go out soon and I know I'll tire easily so I want to rest before we go!

Thanks for taking this journey with us!


PS. The only name on the table right now for our baby is JULIAN! We are open to suggestions though (or rather my husband is...) so if you want to give us ideas, write to me on my FB or post a comment right here! My hubby, my baby and I thank you!

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